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Camera Favorites vs The Rest Of Them...Why Worry?

June 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

As photographers, we have our favorite equipment that we like to use. It's especially true with cameras; in fact that's the most important piece of gear we will ever have, for without the camera there is no photography. Everyone has their favorite camera body they like to use, and many times we like to tell others why we like what he like. But every so often we tend to tell others why their cameras are not as good as what we ourselves have. Doing this simply flies in the face of this tried but true statement...

The best camera you will ever have is the one you have at the moment. 

It's true, you know. That statement doesn't attempt to quibble over what brand is better over another one, nor does it differenciate between formats and styles. You have what you have at that moment, and that's it. Yet people in the photography world will always argue over which camera is better than the rest, and then go into a rambling tirade or discussion as to why his camera is better.

"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." That's how I look at it.

If you like Nikon, that's fine. If you like Leica, great. if you have the money and shoot only Hasselblad cameras, fantastic. (You're just showing off, but it's all good!) I shoot Canon and I love that brand; it fits my hand well, I love the layout throughout the body, and so on. But I've seen others that would just rather shoot with a smartphone and nothing else, and that's fine also.

What I'm trying to say is that there is plenty of room for different brands, formats, etc. Now I won't lie; I have kidded around a little with a couple of people that when I said that Canon was better than their Fuji cameras. Fortunately, they knew I was kidding and they laughed at me. But not everyone takes the same approach. 

Probably the most important thing that someone should know is what kind of photography he or she wants to do. If the goal is just to play around and just take snapshots, there are plenty of cameras that will do that just fine. if you want to get serious and make it into a full-blown hobby, then there are cameras that will help you get there. If you want to start a photography business, there are cameras that will help you get there as well. Your choice will depend on what you ultimately want to do in photography. 

Let's take me for example. i started with a simple point-and-shoot Fuji camera, the S2950. I liked it, and after a while i decided to work on improving myself. I bought a Fuji bridge camera, the HS35EXR; it's a nice camera, and I decided a little after that purchase I wanted to start my photography business. It didn't take long for me to see that i needed to upgrade further to get closer to where i needed to be. Of course, the problem was money, (isn't it always?) but I was able to finagle some monetary resources and after some very careful research of about a year, i decided to purchase the Canon T6i with a three lense package deal on Amazon. But to do that, i needed to sacrifice my other main hobby, amateur radio; this is where the wheeling and dealing came in. i sold all of my radio equipment (that stunned my wife and all the people I had met on the air and in person in that hobby), and with a nice tidy amount in Amazon gift cards I made my purchase and never looked back. 

After I had handled a couple of weddings and several portrait sessions, the battle of brands and formats began to be heard. I started to hear that perhaps I wasn't a real professional because I wasn't using a full-frame camera or that i wasn't using a Nikon, etc. But when several photographers saw my work and asked about the gear i used, they were in complete surprise when I told them. Talk about satisfaction, and I slept really good that night.

But on one of the photography forums recently I noticed that two very good and well-known photographers had changed brands (from Leica to Canon) and went down from full-frame to APS-C like what I use. In fact, they bought Canon T7i and 77D cameras, part of the EOS series that is so popular. And they were using similar lenses to what I use. Oh, happy day! 

But in the end, it really does come down to personal preference as to what brand one wants to use. I'll just say go for it! I may harass you a little bit if you buy a Nikon, but it's all in fun and I do know that Nikon is an excellent brand just like Canon is. I promise, I'll respect your choice in the end. But just use what you want to use. I'm not saying to not ask for opinions or anything like that; it's always good to shop around and ask people what they use and why, then apply that knowledge gained to where you want to go in photography. Just don't go blindly and buy something that you'll hate later. 

Just enjoy photography, no matter what you're doing with it; don't worry about the camera body wars...it's not worth it one bit.

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