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Camera Brands vs Formats vs Styles vs Editing...Oh My!

June 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I have seen this constantly, and if you are a photographer you have likely seen or heard it as well. There are always arguments over which camera brand or model, camera format, editing software, etc, is better. Or, whether Photographer A is much better than Photographer B or even C. It's all over social media, in some magazines, and other places as well. It just wants to make your head spin. And it did that to me as well, until I realized this:

Who really gives a crap about all of that?

I mean, really now. There are so many options in photography these days, no matter the camera and model, no matter the format, no matter the type of editing software...everyone has something that each likes and it works for them! Now suggestions are OK and welcome if someone requests them, and they should be given cordially and with the idea of helping that person get better at his photographic style. But there are a large number of photographers out there that either give their own opinions just to hear themselves talk and brag about their $50,000 gear, or simply to destroy a potential up-and-comer's confidence. And that's not right.

It gets really bad when it comes to Canon vs Nikon or full-frame vs APS-C. I mean, people have gotten called unprofessional when it comes to shooting something like an APS-C style Canon T3i instead of a Hasselblad X1D. People aregue about using Photoshop vs Lightroom or ACDSee or something else. People, it just doesn't matter. So from that, I decided to just simply keep to myself and talk to just a few photographers I know personally and we exchange thoughts and ideas that way. And it works; there's only constructive criticism and everyone is better for the talks.

In the end, I just really don't care what the blowhards think about my work. My style is unique, people like it and in the end I pick up clients and I move forward from there. There are so many options out there for photographers to check out and give a try, and someone decides to use a toy camera or an old Polaroid...that's great in my view! Go for it! 

But the arguments will continue and I guess it will stay that way until the end of time. And that's unfortunate. But no matter, for I would rather use my style and my equipment to do what I love to do: capture life's special moments. It's my motto for a reason. 

Thanks for allowing me to rant just a little. Till next time...



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