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Why I Specialize in Print

May 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

aA lot of you have probably seen my advertisements where I have often stated that I prefer to specialize in print results over digital results. There are several reasons for this, but I must clarify something at this moment before i go any further: It's not that i prefer to do print photography instead of digital, it's in the RESULTS in which I prefer print instead of leaving those results in a digital format. This means that I like to see the results of my photographical work in the palm of my hand and not on a computer monitor. I like to see the quality of my work printed on paper, the color and the texture of the paper, and how all of it works together.

Allow me to explain further. I have always used this scenario when i describe prints vs digital storage only: "When a disaster happens such as a flood, what is always among the first things that are taken from that home?" 8 to 9 times out of 10, it's photographs. There's no time to grab a computer or try to grab a bunch of flash drives or DVDs; the photographs are grabbed from the wall, as many as can be carried. Those are memories that often can never be replaced; many of these are photos from many years ago of family, friends or other important memories. They are gone forever.

Another thing to consider is that digital storage has always been meant to temporarily store digital files. That's right; files are not meant to be permanently stored on a digital storage device. Eventually, the files have to or need to be printed. That includes photo files, spreadsheets, and other things. They have to be printed sometime.

Today's photographers have largely ignored this. Many of them just simply take the shot, edit it, and place it on a flash drive, DVD or in an online gallery for their clients to download or take to a cheap photo lab to get them printed; often the result is less than what the clients hope for, because substandard ink, paper and processes downgrade the result. And in my opinion, that's just not right. Period. 

Yes, I said that. Any photographer that's worth anything MUST handle the process entirely, from taking the shot to the final printed result. Many photographers that do not do that are cheating their clients, and the sure-fire way they cheat their clients is to just hand them a disc or flash drive and do nothing else.

This is where photographers like myself come in. We believe that photographs are actually works of art and they deserve to be created in a print format. Not just in paper format, although there are many paper styles on which they can be printed. Have you ever thought about printing on canvas, on wood, on brushed aluminum or other possibilities? All of these are works of art, and deserve to be showcased where anyone that comes to your home can see them and just say...

"Wow." And you're smiling, because you're proud of what you're showing them. Other than social media, which can get really overblown nowadays, you really have no good reason to keep them in digital storage...just waiting for the storage device to fail, losing your memories forever. That includes the cloud, for people have lost files there as well.

So I'm telling you this for a reason; any photographic work I do for you, i want to see you be able to keep that work forever as a family heirloom and a memory that you'll be able to look upon at any time and smile. And you don't have to go searching for it among many digital devices where it might be located. 

Again, having said that...I have no problem providing digital copies of the work i provide for you. It works for social media and other related stuff, and I understand thhttp://www.zenfolio.com/warrenrowephotography/e/pages/blog.aspx#newat; I share my work in that format as well. But I highly prefer to print my work, from regular lustre up to metallic, canvas and more. And that's just the start; I have research diligently for many hours at a time to find the right processes so your print options will be the best they can be. If you don't believe me, ask my wife; she's seen up at 4-5 AM while in bed reading up on different style of printing, color coordination and much more! So yes, I'm dedicated to my craft.

There's more; back in January I was accepted into The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP), one of the best organizations of photographers in the entire world. This renowned group, based in the United Kingdom, helps their members become among the best in the world...and that's what I aspire to be. With this membership, it helps me provide even better service to my clients, and even more satisfaction with the results i get with my work although I am NEVER completely satisfied, nor should i be.

So this is why I do what I do, and the style in which i do it. Think about it; when it comes to digital files vs print photography, what is truly the best way to go? If you think about it long enough, you'll realize that print wil lalways win out in the end.

Thank you for being here! Till next time...



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