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Photographic Print Options

Photographic Print Options

As I have mentioned previously, Warren Rowe Photography has many print options for you to choose from, so your memories can be turned into works of art. From photo paper to canvas to wood and much more, you'll have memories that you can show off to everyone! Here's a sample overview of some of the different styles that are available and what they can doe for your photographic art...for that's what it is!

Photographic Print Paper

Warren Rowe Photography offers 100% color accuracy, quality-assured prints and first-class finishing services. I make sure that the final result matches the photo that was taken on site, and that the results are printed true to what was submitted. 

My main choice of printing is to choose to use Lustre photo prints on Kodak Endura Professional Paper. When a Lustre print is used, you will see a semi-gloss paper with vibrant colors and excellent skin tones. In typical display conditions, these prints (and other photo paper options) have an average longevity of 100 years, while in dark storage the longevity can approach 200 years! So you see, the prints you receive from Warren Rowe Photography will last a lifetime or more, and can even become family heirlooms that can be passed down for generations!

Of course, you can always request your photos to be printed using glossy or matte paper, with different textures. Fine Art paper with different textures are also available. If you would like to learn more, schedule an appointment with me and I can assist you with any questions you may have concerning different photo paper prints and texture styles. 

Canvas Wraps

High quality materials are required to make a high-quality canvas wrap. For your canvas wrap, solvent-based ink is used, which is similar to oil-based paint. This ink stands up to moisture, is UV resistant and will literally stand up to fading over a lifetime; the only exception is when your canvas wrap is mounted where it is directly facing the sun...fading will begin in this scenario after three years on average. Eight colors of ink are used to accurately recreate the colors on your print.

For the canvas itself, it is of archival quality and is thick and heavy (17 mils & 385 gsm). Warren Rowe Photography uses a semi-gloss finish for canvas wraps as a default, along with a mirror wrap and your choice of either a 0.75" or 1.50" frame depth. The canvas frame is crafted from precision-cut pine and is kiln-dried to help resist warping in the future; no matboards used here! Every effort is made to make sure that the canvas frame for your canvas wrap is straight and true. Other finishes for your canvas wrap include glossy, matte and iridescent, with each style having its own characteristics but each one is beautiful regardless! Sizes start as small as 6" x 6" and be as large as 120" x 48"! Your photograph's dementions will ultimately determine the best size possible.

Not sure about what style you want your canvas wrap to be? Schedule an appointment and I'll be happy to assist you with your canvas needs.

Wood Prints

Wood prints are an alternative to canvas and photo paper and they can really stand out. When you order a wood print for your photo memory, it is printed onto premium baltic birch wood. This results in super vibrant color and tones without losing any sort of clarity. The grain that you would see on your wood print will show through, making it truly unique; no two prints will be alike, ever. This creates a completely different style, creating new life and virtually creating a new memory for you!

For hanging, your wood print will include screws and a slot on the back, helping to make sure that hanging your wood print is a snap. If you order a small wood print, you can get a free stand!

There are many sizes and styles of wood prints that are available, starting at 6" x 6"; schedule an appointment and I'll be happy to assist you with your wood print needs!

Prints Under Acrylic Glass 

Portraits under acrylic glass are stunning and will make your home look incredible! With premium quality photo papers such as Fuji Crystal DP II (a classic paper perfect for photos with different levels of contrast), Kodak Metallic Premium (for night photography and high-contrast imagery) and Ilford Monochrome (for black and white photos), your photographs will look amazing. Add to that a permanent seal, with an aluminum dibond backing, and your photos will be protected. 

Two thickness sizes are available: 2mm and 4mm. Also, you can have your photo under glass sized to your specifications depending on the photo itself. The acrylic glass itself is available in either glossy or matte, creating a different look fpr each! 

Schedule an appointment and I'll be happy to assist you with your acrylic glass print needs!

Metal Prints 

Metal prints have a brilliance that are truly incredible! Using an innovative special dye process, your photographs are printed onto high-quality aluminum for a clean and lasting finish. These prints show off vibrant colors like no other print medium can, and take on life-like depth and dimension for an impressive display that stands the test of time.

Metal prints give your home décor an ultra-modern feel. You can brighten up any workspace with sleek, stylish, contemporary art, and create breathtaking scenes in a studio or gallery space. No matter where they are displayed, metal prints will steal the show! They can do the same for your home as well. 

Metal prints are available with 5 different printing surface options in a large assortment of sizes with different hanging options. Schedule an appointment and I'll be happy to assist you with your metal print needs!

And Yes, There's More...

That's just a sample of the different photographic print varieties that are available to you. NO ONE has more print options for your photographs than Warren Rowe Photography. Try and see for yourself!